Monday, 24 November 2014

Thursday - long drive back to Kampala

A bit of a lie in today, we didn't need to set off until 7.30! The traffic was much heavier today than last Sunday with many slow and large vehicles which held us up. Lots of interesting stalls and people to look at on the way though!

Road conditions weren't always great

This was the first day of having proper toilets all day - even the service station had them and yet the Amuria Council Offices yesterday had just a latrine (though it did have tiled walls and floor!)
We stopped for lunch in Jinja (again with proper toilets) and then went on a boat trip to the souce of the Nile, we saw long-tailed cormorants, white egrets, pied kingfishers and vervet monkeys and all got off to wade to the point where a marker pinpoints the actual source of the Nile - it used to be a waterfall out of Lake Victoria, but since the construction of a dam further downstream in the 1950s there is no longer a waterfall there.
Waiting to set off
Source of the Nile
Long tailed cormorants
Me at the source of the Nile
Paddling from the shop to the source of the Nile
Beautiful view


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