Monday, 17 November 2014

Sunday - travel from Kampala to Soroti

We reached our hotel in Kampala sometime after 2am but luckily didn't have an early start for our journey to Soroti, 400km away.

We set off at 11am in Land Cruisers and what a fascinating journey it was, people walking with supplies along the road, carrying water, firewood and other products. There were goats and cows wandering around at the edges and into the road and many settlements.

Everyone was smartly dressed and wearing vibrant colours, especially the women. We saw buildings selling bed frames, drinks, meat and literally dozens of fruit and vegetable sellers.

We had two stops, one in Jinja where we will stop for longer on Thursday to visit the source of the Nile and one at the foot of the Mount Eldon range which rises to over 4200 metres. There was also an unscheduled one to fix a flat tyre!

After a briefing session and a meal most of us retired early as we have to eat breakfast tomorrow at 5.30am and leave at 6 to travel to the Teso region! After three days of travelling it will be good to get out into the communities!

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